Keynote Speaker

Peter Gendron


Pioneer Pete has been a supporter of Organic agriculture since 1990. In 1991 he introduced the state of Indiana to Organic Produce, and in 1992 was recognized as the first 100% Organic Produce distributor in the state, providing primarily Oregon Tilth certified Organic products years before the federal Organic standard existed.

He is now the President of the Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild, the state’s premier issue advocacy organization for Cannabis. Pete is also a founding member of the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association, and the First Pioneer Founder of Grow For Vets in Oregon.

Pete gives seminars on Cannabis and the state of regulation through THC Fairs in Oregon, as well as teaching for the Oregon Building Officials Association on Cannabis Production and Processing regulations.

Whether managing the PDX Hempfest Expo or working with his clients as Omnibudsman Enterprises, Pete brings to the table decades of experience working with this vitally important plant family. After serving on the Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement Committee for the OLCC and being an advisor to the Oregon Legislature and serving by appointment of the Governor’s office, Pete continues to bring first hand knowledge and experience to the individuals and communities participating in and benefiting from the development of the budding cannabusiness industry.

Pete and his wife have been raising sustainable organic food, children, and cannabis in Josephine County for 20 years.






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