Joe Ninnemann

Joe Ninnemann


Joe Ninnemann was raised on a back to land farm in the eastern Washington Cascade Mountains.  He went to high school on the Yakama Indian reservation after moving to a farm in the lower Yakima valley.  The eldest of his siblings, he helped manage his family’s production fruit orchard and hay operation while his father worked the summers in Alaska.  Graduating from The Evergreen State College with two degrees, he chose to continue operating the business he started in college.  After five years of selling organic tie-dyes throughout the western US and traveling the continent, he sold the business to go to graduate school.  Upon completing his graduate studies in Biogeochemistry, he moved with his wife to Seattle so she could attend medical school.

Joe became the head plant pathologist and horticulturalist for a high-end landscape management company in the Seattle metro area where he worked for six years.  A farmer at heart, the lack of space to grow food became more important then the financial success that they had found in the city.  20 years after leaving the farm, Joe and Dr. Margaret settled into a small intentional community in Takilma Ore.

Joe now runs their small back-to-the-land farm, grows food year around and does consulting for old clients throughout Oregon and Washington.  He grows and wildcrafts a large portion of their food for the year.  His wife has a Naturopathic family practice in Takilma, where they have called home for over ten years.






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