Chris Hall – Dance Farm

Chris Hall


Christopher Hall and Gina Angelique call their homestead dancefarm and their cannabis business dancepharm. Chris grew up on an apple orchard in Vermont working on the farm in all capacities, including building up a large vegetable garden with his sister to sell at their country store.

After a career in the performing arts running Eveoke Dance Theatre, Chris and Gina retired to homestead, changing out the dance theatre for a dance farm. Their mission in the city was to cultivate compassionate social action, and their mission on the farm is to cultivate a sustainable arts and agricultural community.

Since 2007, Chris and Gina have been homesteading and growing organic produce to feed their family and to sell at California and Oregon Farmers’ markets. When they moved to Cave Junction, they worked with several community leaders to start the Cave Junction Farmers’ Market that is entering its 5th year. Chris was the market manager for the first year and is currently board chair.

Chris and Gina have been farming Cannabis in the earth like all the produce and fruit they cultivate on the homestead. The focus is farming the soil and letting the plants grow — we are dirt farmers.

Additionally, Chris wrote a 5-year $280,000 grant received from the Oregon Community Foundation that Gina implemented with a staff teaching and performing dance theatre in the elementary, middle and high schools in Cave Junction called RiverStars Performing Arts.





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